SmartGlassPro® is a laminated tempered extraclear glass with integrated PDLC foil (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal). Excellent and better choice of smart film installation in new projects since the film is protected between two panes.

Laminated Smart Glass

SmartGlassPro® is a laminated tempered extraclear glass with integrated PDLC foil (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal), when electrically charged, liquid crystal particles are aligned in the same direction, at which point light can pass and the glass becomes transparent, when turning off the power, the glass becomes milky white.


SmartGlassPro® is able to produce glass from pieces measuring 1800 x 4200 mm due to the width limit of the foil itself and the production process during lamination.
We are able to produce irregular shapes of Smart glass by CNC machines, such as bathroom doors, various shapes for glass fixers, glass partition walls...
The total thickness of the glass is determined by the thickness of the individual glass, ie combinations are possible from 4+4 mm up to 10+10 mm.


SmartGlassPro IGU
(Insulated glass)

SmartGlassPro® IGU is an insulating glass composed of 2 or more glass panels, in which the inner side is composed of laminated Smart glass and interconnected by aluminum dividers and sealed up with a special silicone neutral adhesive.
The combination can be multi-layered without any restrictions up to a maximum size of 1800 x 4000 mm.

Projection Glass

SmartGlassPro® offers unique glass projection solutions for a new light-sensitive laser projectors for business, presentation and home use, permanently changing the look and purpose of your conference room, partitions of your home, a new dimension of your wellness zone so that the sauna space becomes a projection screen of the desired movie in HD resolution.
In fact, SmartGlassPro® Smart glass, ie PDLC material inside the glass, increases the contrasts of the HD image so that your image becomes sharper and the colors amplified.

Block UV and IR

SmartGlassPro® glasses are not only smart, they are also considered 'green', ie PDLC saves your energy because PDLC foil blocks almost 100% of UV rays and blocks IR when in transparent mode approx. 17%, and on off about 80%.

Sound insulation

Laminated SmartGlassPro® glass reduces noise by as much as 35dB, making it a unique product for your office partitions.


When you use SmartGlassPro® smart tempered glass they will be even stronger and more resistant

  • By using PDLC foil in laminated tempered glass, it becomes even stronger, if the glass is broken it will remain glued to the PDLC without breaking
  • The main material of PDLC is 0.30 mm thick PET which is much thicker than the usual laminated safety foil

Tehnical data

Tempered, laminated smart glass can be customized to any shape, size, or curvature, with cutouts and notches already made.
Privacy glass can be double or triple insulated with various of add-on.
What is difference between smart glass, switchable glass, dimming glass and electric glass?
There is no difference! These are all the same product that switches from transparent to opaque with a power supply. Dimmable glass is smart glass that has a dimmable controller wired to it, allowing it to slowly transform from transparent to opaque with the dimmer.
Test Test Conditions Result
Switching On (1sec) Off (1sec) 1 Million Times Passed
High Temperature (Boil test) 70°C / 2 Hours Passed
High Temp./ Humidity 50°C / 95RH, 14 days Passed
Low Temperature -20°C/ 21 days Passed
Heat Cycle -20°C to 70°C (1 Hrs/5000 Cycles) Passed
Weathering Standard (for laminated glass) Passed
Heat Resistance Standard (for laminated glass) Passed
Water submersed 21 days Passed
Glass thickness Configuration (glass/EVA+smart film+EVA/glass) DB (decibels)
9.2 mm 4 mm / 1.2 mm / 4 mm 35
11.2 mm 5 mm / 1.2 mm / 5 mm 37
13.2 mm 6 mm / 1.2 mm / 6 mm 39
17.2 mm 8 mm / 1.2 mm / 8 mm 42
21.2 mm 10 mm / 1.2 mm / 10 mm 44
Glass Color: Clear, bronze, grey, green, blue tint
Glass type (all laminated): Annealed (standard), Low Iron, heat/chemical strengthened, tempered, fire rated, curved, bulled resistant, tinted, mirrired
Thickness: 9,2 mm, 11,2 mm, 13,2 mm, 17,2 mm ili 21.2 mm (all laminated)
Exterior Flexible: Ex. 25mm insulating glass unit (IGU)
[4mm Low-E outer glass + 10mm airspace + 11.5mm LC Switchable Glass™ panel]
Size: Standard - up to 1800mm x 3000mm
Special sizes above the standard can be produced to client requirements.
Wiring: Double insulated 0.75mm² dual core flex
Shape: Many shapes and curved including drilled holes
Environmental: Storage/Operation -20°C to 50°C
Size Tollerance: ± 3mm on OA size and ± 0.5mm on thickness
Bowing Tollerance: ± 3mm per linear meter
Driving voltage: 65VAC
Current less than 200mA/m²
Power approx. 3.7W/1m2
Switching time: Approx. 1/100 second at room temperature
Transmission approx.75%
View angle approx. 120°
Scattering effectiveness approx. 100mm
Life: Greater than 10 years
Warranty: 2 years standard, extended warranty upon request