We offer the most innovative
switchable glass solutions on the market

SmartGlassPro® is a fast-growing company that, with its commitment to projects, the quality of smart glass production and the installation of smart foils, reaches the highest business standards for your privacy needs.

We are developing new technologies using the latest PDLC technology and many years of knowledge in the production and installation of smart glasses (PDLC glass) and installation of smart foils in most European countries..

Many years of our experience provide us with ease of working with the most demanding projects such as technical solutions for sliding walls, electrical door fittings, special forms of glass and special installations on demanding facilities.

We are dedicated to working on the latest laminating glass products and new materials that are just coming on the market.

Our mission

Become number one in choosing by customers who want to enrich their space with smart glass or smart foils, since your sense of privacy is the most important thing to us.

Our vision

With dedicated work, experience and passion for each project, approach/get closer as much as possible to each of our interested clients in the shortest possible time.

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Goran Bajic
tel: +385 91 3355 650
Vjekoslav Hanzic
tel: +385 91 2426 019

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