How It Works

ON - OFF mode switches the glass from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque) through PDLC technology. Smart Glass contains the PDLC layer sandwiched between two panes of glass and is installed just like regular glass. Smart Film is applied to the surface of existing glass, transforming it into switchable glass.

Instantly modernize executive offices and conference rooms. Enhance the safety of workspaces by eliminating the need for curtains and blinds that can hold onto pathogens. Smart glass is easy to clean and can be controlled contactlessly via voice command.

How can you create an open workspace and still have privacy?

With switchable glass and film products that provide privacy on demand!
When smart glass is switched to ON then it is transparent and natural light can flow through the spaces, making the offices look brighter and more spacious. Whenever privacy is needed, the glass simply switches to OFF and then becomes opaque.

In addition to providing privacy and security, smart glass can be used as a background/screen for rear projection in meeting rooms.

Instantly transform offices with switchable glass walls


Add an element of surprise to any office environment and impress clients.


Electric privacy glass is easy to install on existing windows or as part of new constructions.


Eliminate the need for curtains and blinds and create a sleek, modern design.

Smart glass and film are completely customizable


Smart glass technology can be wired to work on operable glass doors, windows and walls. Panes can be wired together for seamless functioning on switchable glass walls.

Custom design

Architects and interior designers are increasingly using smart glass for greater design freedom. We offer custom colors and can even embed switchable artistic designs and logos within the glass to showcase your brand.

All Glass Types

Any type of glass can be made switchable whether it is tripled glazed, blast resistant or fire rated. Smart Film can be applied to curved glass and trimmed to fit irregular window shapes


Electric privacy glass can be controlled with a wall switch, remote control, smart office automation system and voice command.