SmartGlassPro® provides consulting, designing, production and installation of smart glasses (SmartGlass) and smart foils (SmartFilm) for your office space, furnishing private facilities, hotel bathroom blocks, hotel intelligent solutions.
SmartGlassPro® AIOC15 (all in one concept 15) - or otherwise popular as term 'Turn-key concept', SmartGlassPro® has developed a system that can meet your needs, it sounds amazing how we are able to, from your call/email, measure, create project documentation, produce glass or install foil within 15 days.
We perform our services 24/7
We respect the privacy and free time of our clients, but at the same time we are working in the afternoons and evenings, even on the weekends as it does not create any problems for us!

Production partners

Since our products need to meet the highest standards, all our glasses are produced in cooperation with our partner Staklorez Burić d.o.o. from Pregrada while the 'smart' fittings are produced by Bertol Metal from Velika Mlaka.
Staklorez Burić

Why choose SmartGlassPro?


For all services we offer
24/7 support


2 year warranty
on SmartGlass


We work with the
highest standards

'Turnkey' concept

Production and installation
in 15 days