Smart film is the perfect retrofit solution for glass that is already installed. Simply peel and stick privacy film onto your glass to turn it into smart glass.

Smart film (PDLC)

SmartGlassPro® film (foil) je PDLC foil (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal), when electrically charged, liquid crystal particles are aligned in the same direction, at which point light can pass and the glass becomes transparent, when turning off the power, the glass becomes milky white.

SmartGlassPro® s able to produce foils from a foil width of 1800 mm and a length of up to 50 m, with which we can satisfy the coverage of existing glass surfaces in 95% of cases. If the surface is wider than 1800 mm then 2 or more foils are applied in parallel with a minimum distance of 1 mm for the dynamics of the foil on the glass.

We are able to produce irregular shapes of Smart foil that can be applied on flat and rounded surfaces of all shapes, from round to various triangles, special cutouts to laser engraved parts of the foil, so that during the various operations it can be turned on or off in different segments.


Projection Film
(Rear Projection)

SmartGlassPro® SmartGlassPro® offers unique glass projection solutions for a new light-sensitive laser projectors for business, presentation and home use, permanently changing the look and purpose of your conference room, partitions of your home, a new dimension of your wellness zone so that the sauna space becomes a projection screen of the desired movie in HD resolution.
In fact, SmartGlassPro® Smart foil, ie PDLC material inside the foil, increases the contrasts of the HD image so that your image becomes sharper and the colors amplified.

Block UV and IR

SmartGlassPro® glasses are not only smart, they are also considered 'green', ie PDLC saves your energy because PDLC foil blocks almost 100% of UV rays and blocks IR when in transparent mode approx. 17%, and on off about 80%.

Sound insulation

SmartGlassPro® foil reduces noise by as much as 32dB, making it a unique product for your office partitions.


When you use SmartGlassPro® smart foil all existing glass will be even stronger and more resistant

  • By using PDLC foil onexisting glass, it becomes even stronger, if the glass is broken it will remain glued to the PDLC without breaking
  • The main material of PDLC is 0.30 mm thick PET which is much thicker than the usual laminated safety foil

Tehnical Data

Only the very best materials are used in our production process from major global producers, whose materials are manufactured to internationally recognized quality standards.
What is difference between smart glass, switchable glass, dimming glass and electric glass?
There is no difference! These are all the same product that switches from transparent to opaque with a power supply. Dimmable glass is smart glass that has a dimmable controller wired to it, allowing it to slowly transform from transparent to opaque with the dimmer.
The electrical aspects of installing smart glass and film should be completed by a certified electrician, and in accordance with all local rules and regulations when connecting wiring to a 220V outlet.
1) Clean the glass surface. Spray the glass with a bit of glass cleaner and wipe with an absorbent cloth.

2) Peel and stick. Slowly remove the protective liner and allow the film to adhere to the glass surface under it's own pressure.

3) Connect to power. Once the smart film is installed, connect electrodes to the transformer.
Response time: 0.1sec sec
Maximum Width: 70.8"  (1800mm)
Length: 3810mm
Temperature operation: -20°C~100°C
Storage: -30°C~60°C
Light transmittance: ON state 95%, OFF state 67%
Haze: ON state 4%, OFF state 97%
UV Block: ON state 54%, OFF state 99%
Power: 65V AC, 1watts per 1 sqft
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Shapes: Can be customized to any shape or curve and can be pre-cut for drilled holes